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Election Thanks

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I am so grateful to so many people who helped me to get elected and who stood by me, some for many years to get to this stage in my life and in the SNP's political agenda.

Thank you to my children, David and Hayley, my friends and work colleagues, Jaki, Justina, Liz, Mary, Fiona, Kathleen, Sally, Robbie, wee Steven and wee Becca, my SNP colleagues: Andy Anderson, Jim Low, Rob Gibson, Dave Thompson, Veronica Thompson, Karen Shirron, Alan and Jordan Ross, Neil MacDonald and Ben, all in Dingwall branch, all in Tain branch and all in Cromarty Firth branch, all of my SNP Council candidate colleagues (22 of them), all of the SNP Highland Council Liaison Committee,  all of my other friends who are not mentioned here as the list would go on and on, but most of all I thank YOU my voters for having faith in me and giving me the best present of all...a seat on Highland Council, for which you will be so pleased because I will work so very hard for you over the next 4 years.

From the above list I have to single out two people, one because over the last two years she has proved to be my strongest, loyalist ally and friend and tells me the truth when I need to hear it, Jaki Gardner and the second  is  Andy Anderson, who in the last 9 years since I have known him has taught me a great deal about many things and who retired from his safe SNP Council seat on 30th April, 2007, which facilitated me being able to stand in this ward for the SNP.  If he had decided to stay on I would have had to think about contesting another ward which I really did not want to do as my heart is with the Cromarty Firth ward.  Andy also canvassed his own area with me on several occasions and I know beyond any doubt that those loyal voters transferred their vote to me.

Also I am extremely grateful to Dave, Veronica, Rob, Jim Low, Neil, Ben, Sally, Alan, Jordan, Kathleen, David, Robbie and Hayley for helping me canvass.

and of course...........my voters THANK YOU... 

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