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Bus Shelters
When will the bus shelter outside the old bone mill be fixed?
Posted by Ronnie on 18 February 2012
I have been reporting this on a monthly basis, they Council have finally agreed their own guys will fix the perspex after engaging a contractor last year who failed to turn up!!
Posted by on 18 February 2012
Christmas Invergordon
Good day today, enjoyed the singing, Emma was first class and luved postman pat....thanks
Posted by Anonymous on 06 December 2009
Great to meet you at the Halloween bash in Inverness...good luck with the new romance.

Mr. P.
Posted by on 02 November 2009
Luv da new webcasting on your Council's website...you're good speaker lassie. Glad I voted for ya.

Posted by Pete on 27 August 2009
Council Job
I just want to say how grateful we all are that you are helping us, I have given a pseodonym but you know who I am...I hope and pray that someone will listen and make things right for us at work, you are the only one to listen...thank you so much Maxine .
Posted by on 03 July 2009
Posted on 08 June 2009
Posted on 17 May 2009
Council Chambers
Posted on 08 May 2009
Diary Page
Posted on 19 April 2009
Posted on 13 April 2009
Posted on 12 April 2009
Councillors Website
Posted on 17 March 2009
Posted on 22 January 2009
Posted on 04 January 2009
Posted on 27 November 2008
High heels
Posted on 13 March 2008
Posted on 06 July 2007
Posted on 26 May 2007
Posted on 06 May 2007
Posted on 26 April 2007
Good Luck in May
Posted on 25 April 2007
Posted on 17 April 2007
Posted on 30 March 2007
it is time
Posted on 30 March 2007
Happy Christmas!
Posted on 24 December 2006
Amy's Ball
Posted on 14 November 2006
Please leave comments for others.
Posted on 25 September 2006
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